I'm Katie + Co.'s founder, lead wedding planner and coordinator, a to-do list junkie, and lover of all things organization and efficiency. I find crazy amounts of joy and satisfaction in helping women make their dream wedding visions come to life, all the while helping them to also enjoy the process and sweet season of life they're in.

My heart is to love God and love people.  And my people mean THE WORLD to me!  My sweet husband, our new little baby boy, and I currently live just outside of the Twin Cities in Minnesota (yes, we are proud "suburb people").  We're total foodies and love traveling but are also almost always up for hanging at home and having some quality Netflix and chill time.

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hey party people!
I'm the katie in katie + co.

Wondering what the " + Co." is all about?

We are incredibly blessed to have a tiny army of kick-butt women who work both behind the scenes & "in front of the camera" both before and during wedding days!

This gives us more flexibility and booking options so that we can best serve YOU!

Along with Katie, our "associate coordinators" as we love to call 'em, can work with you leading up to your wedding day and act as your point of contact for vendors, as well as managing all of the "day of" coordinating that goes on during your wedding day! 

Before you ever sign on to work with us, you'll know if you'll be working primarily with Katie or one of our talented associate coordinators. 

A little more about us

For all you enneagram fanatics out there, Katie is a type 6. 6's naturally crave security. And how do you make a control freak feel secure? You make lists, you have a plan, and you keep things organized. This is our superpower.  Katie found her love for planning weddings back in 2017, when she got engaged. But even at that time, she noticed that there were too many options all clamoring for your attention. Thus, Katie + Co. was born.
There doesn't need to be a 250+ task list of things to do. You don't have to comb through every nook and cranny, just to make sure you're not missing out. And you definitely don't need your second cousin's best friend's sister, Karen, giving you her opinion on your centerpieces. (Sorry, Karens. We know some of you are awesome!)

 Your wedding should be about your marriage. And YES, we are total saps here and absolutely use cliches in everyday lingo. But our belief is that marriage is a covenant, between you, your spouse, and God above. It's a representation of how Christ loves the church, how God loves us, and there is zero room for stress or anxiety in that. Your wedding day should be a reflection of your marriage- full of love, joy, grace, and peace. We aim to help all of our brides feel that way throughout our entire process together.

A peak into our "Why"

from "I do" & beyond...

Fast facts about Katie + C0.

vendors contacted


I do's witnessed


cups of coffee consumed

the limit does not exist

serving sweet couples on the "best day ever"!!

4 years

Gimme a good marg and I'm happy as a clam. Sugar on the rim though!

My drink of choice is...

The moment that bride & groom return back down the aisle at the end of the ceremony- full of joy, relief & excitement!!

My favorite part of wedding day is...

my mornings! Waking up our smiley baby boy, a bit of quiet time & coffee, and having breakfast with my husband before the day gets going.

The best part of my day is...

Friends + The Amazing Race

Sweater weather

Pizza, pizza, & more pizza


Classic & timeless with pops of COLOR!

Katie's Favorite things

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— Elisabeth P.

"I cannot speak highly enough of Katie as a wedding planner and person!!! Our wedding would not have been possible without her! "

— Camille L.

"Katie was so much fun to work with, she was very thorough in planning with me as she truly understood my vision for my Wedding Day"

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