On your wedding day, you shouldn't have to be scurrying around, making sure that centerpieces are arranged correctly, or checking that your groomsmen know how they're supposed to walk down the aisle. And you definitely shouldn't be frantic about when your DJ is going to start playing the wedding march, or what will be said to the guests after you walk back down the aisle to go take your pictures or hop on your party bus. The very last thing you want to do is manage the vendors that you've been working with for months to make sure that your timeline is actually followed. 
Enter, me. I do the planning, coordinating, and executing. You, just walk your pretty little self down the aisle and enjoy every second of your big day, completely stress-free.

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How We Make the Magic Happen

During a complimentary call, we'll go over what you're wanting in a wedding planner and/or coordinator, where you're at in your wedding planning process, and if we might be a good fit in working together.

If we provide what you're looking for and our visions align, I'll send over a proposal of services with a contract attached, you sign the contract & submit your first payment, and BOOM! We're official.

We'll meet over a video call and get to know each other a bit!

Step one: Complimentary Consultation

Once we get to planning, we'll send over a questionnaire for you and your boo thang to fill out.  You won't have to come up with anything- just answer our list of curated questions!  After that, we "meet up" either in person or via video calls and we'll start presenting you with suggested vendor options, based on your unique wants, needs, and budget. We'll also go over a vision board of your wedding design, including helping you come up with a decor plan and ironing out those details.
(We LOVE utilizing Pinterest for this!  If you don't already have a Wedding Pinterest Board going, do it!)

Don't worry, we'll ask all the right questions to get things rolling!

Step two: Vision Board & Details

You hang out and enjoy that sparkly new ring on your finger while we do the nitty gritty for you. We'll coordinate with available vendors to help you schedule appointments and tours, confirm rental details, and coordinate with all parties to ensure that your wedding day vision comes to life. Then, you show up at your wedding and enjoy the best day ever!

You sit back and relax and we'll do all the hard stuff!

Step three: Execution

Average Investment is $7000

For the girl that wants her dreams to come to life, and just enjoy the sweet season of engagement, this plan is for you! With your input and opinions top of mind, I will created a suggested vendors list based on your specific wants & needs and help you secure each vendor that you still need + a design and decor plan, and timeline from the Rehearsal through wedding clean up.
All you have to do is tell me what you want and show up!

What this looks like:

Full Planning Services

Average Investment is $3400

You've secured maybe a couple of vendors, you know what you want, you just need help tying up loose ends, securing some vendors, and putting everything together- I've got you, girl!
Partial planning includes help securing up to 4 vendors you still need + my Wedding Planning Spreadsheets to keep you organized, help you stay on track, & tell you what to do next! Day of coordination is included for seamless transitions on your wedding day.

What this looks like:

Partial Planning Services

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Sound like something  you need?

Average Investment is $1900

You have the vendors, you've secured the payments, but you need someone to direct transitions and the flow of your big day. I will coordinate with each of your vendors the month leading up to your wedding to ensure a seamless timeline is followed to perfection throughout your wedding day and myself or someone from my fabulous team will be present on your big day to ensure a stress-free experience for you and your family & friends!

What this looks like:

Coordinating Services


More peace about your decisions, direction when you don't know what to do, and enjoyment during your engagement?

Do you want

Overwhelmed with all of the options, choices, and variables that you have to think through when planning your wedding?

Do you feel

Being stressed out and tired while you try to juggle all of your existing responsibilities AND wedding planning?

Are you sick of

Is this right for me?

— Alicia S.

"Katie helped me calm my fears, prioritize what needed to get done, and helped my day go as smoothly as one could ever hope!"

— Katie L.

"I didn’t have to do anything the day of my wedding except get ready and celebrate with my people"

"Katie checked in with me regularly, reminded me of little details that I had overlooked and offered thoughtful advice to ensure I had the best day ever. My fiancé and our families sat back, relaxed and ultimately lived in the moment. Katie was kind, yet assertive, and had our best interest in mind while getting any job done well. Anytime somebody had a question, we pointed them to Katie, and she had the solution. Because she was so organized in our meetings prior, she knew exactly what I wanted/needed during the weekend, so she was the go-to girl." 
— Madeline V.

" If she had charged 5x what it cost me, I still would have hired Katie!"

When you're working with us you don't ever have to wonder if your desires are truly being looked after. There is no agenda, other than creating the very best day possible for you and your groom. Every detail is meticulously chosen with your vision in mind. This is not our first rodeo. We've got the experience to know where to guide you and how to coordinate a seamless flow throughout your wedding planning process, as well as on your big day. And who doesn't want that?!  When you choose to work with us, you're not only getting a wedding planner and coordinator. You're getting someone who will be there to fight for your wants, someone who will encourage you when down, and someone that will actively seek to eliminate any and all stress from this sweet season of life that you find yourself in. We aim to infuse joy in every single interaction with our clients- and this has proved invaluable.

We're Katie + Co. — award-winning wedding planning & coordinating company.

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