The Wedding Planning Crash Course is like having your very own wedding planner in your back pocket!  No more endless to-do lists giving you no direction on what do next or how to do it.  Through short, digestible video lessons, I'll teach you all my tips, tricks, and insider secrets so that you can plan the wedding of your dreams!

Planning your own wedding?

And finding that it's "a lot" more than you anticipated?

I've worked with dozens and dozens of couples who have felt frozen in analysis paralysis, with too many options, too many to-do lists, and no direction.

If you're feeling stressed out,
& lost on what to do next

I know what it's like to feel that way too

What if you could...

Spolier alert!

Spend your free time with your fiance, family, & friends

Instead of working on wedding planning with every spare moment you have

Stop guessing & stressing about when you need to get things done

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone walk you through what to do, in what order, and tell you HOW to do it?

Feel Confident in your choices 

and stop second-guessing yourself! Because with the right direction & insight, you can totally do this

You got this!

You want to enjoy your engagement season and have fun planning your wedding, but you are overwhelmed and stressed out trying to figure it all out by yourself!

You're exhausted from juggling your full time job, spending time with your people, and spending every extra hour you have googling all things wedding planning.

You know what you want your wedding day to look like, but don't know what to do to make sure it ends up that way.

You know that a wedding planner would be helpful, but also know that hiring one is just not in your budget.

Does any of this sound familiar?

then This is for you

Enter, The Wedding Planning Crash Course

it's time to quit wasting your time googling & guessing. Let's get some real answers.

The benefits of having your very own wedding planner without having to pay for one.

7 Wedding Planning Modules with Video Lessons in each
...that walk you through the process of planning your wedding from A-Z. Or, L-Z, if you've already started working on planning your wedding, and anywhere in between!

The Wedding Planning Spreadsheets
5 expertly crafted Wedding-Planner-curated Spreadsheets with 5-10 minute video tutorial lessons for each sheet including expert wedding planning tips & tricks!

Every Logistical Detail you'll need to think through
...and a plan for how to organize all of this information so that your transitions are seamless and your day is executed to perfection.

Very Specific Instructions & Tutorials
...including which vendors you need, which vendors are "extras" and how to go about finding them and deciding if they're the right fit for YOU! +  easy to use, straightforward, systems for organizing your day to ensure that you actually get to enjoy your wedding day.

3 additional bonuses!!
...Where to find Bridesmaid Dresses Online, 30 Questions to ask a Venue before Booking, & The Items to keep in your Emergency Kit

what's included in the course:

Here's What You Get

These spreadsheets + the video module lessons will change your wedding planning life.

- A Task List telling you exactly what to do next book your vendors, to create your day-of timeline, to plan your whole wedding A to Z. Or, L to Z, if you've already started planning. This will fill in all your gaps!

- An organized Wedding-Specific Budget Spreadsheet
...that lists out all of your expenses for you, allows you to predict your total cost, input vendor quotes, and track deposits paid and outstanding.

- The most intuitive Guest List Tracker
...that automatically updates total RSVP counts, tallies meal selections, tracks the number of out of town guests (for hotel block estimates & welcome gifts), and creates an organized space to track gifts given and thank you notes sent.

- Lessons on how to best utilize each spreadsheet
...with video tutorials and easy step by step instructions for your spreadsheets

- Confidence & Direction in your Wedding Planning more stress or overwhelm! No more googling! And all without paying for a wedding planner.

Organize everything for you

The Included Wedding Planning Spreadsheets

Yep, you get all of that

By the end of this course, you'll have a fully planned wedding. Without the stress & overwhelm.

I want in!

the Spreadsheets

Set up + use

Tackling Budgeting,
your guest list,  
& determining your priorities
(3 lecture videos)

Module 1

The Prep Work

For each of the 5 spreadsheets, you get a video on how to edit that sheet & a video on how to best utilize that spreadsheet

Module 2

Your first steps

Choosing your location, would a wedding planner be helpful, & narrowing down a specific date + choosing your venue
(3 lecture videos)

Module 3

The Design plan

How to utilize Pinterest (correctly!), gathering 'inspo' photos + color schemes & vision boards to bring your dream to life! (3 lecture videos)

Module 4

Booking vendors

The holy grail- How to find vendors, getting quotes, + specific vendor suggestions & tips for every single vendor you could want to book!
(12 lecture videos)

Module 5

The Timeline

Where to start, how to fill in the blanks, how long each "activity" takes, + sample timelines for 5 different ceremony time scenarios!
(3 lecture videos)

Module 6

Coordinating logistics

All the the details! Decor + Rentals, Transportation plans, Set-up + room-flip + tear-down, & "day of" coordinators (4 lecture videos)

Module 7

The month-of + Wedding day!

Final meetings with vendors, wedding day essentials, things to bring with you, the wedding rehearsal cheat sheet PLUS my Master Day-of Timeline
(3 lecture videos)

Okay, WOW

Sign me up

Sign me up

So how much does The Wedding Planning Crash Course cost?

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2 monthly payments of


Total Value of the course (what a wedding planner would charge you for all of this information, insight, & expertise)- somewhere between $5500-$15000, depending on your region of the country.  That's a savings of between $4500-$14300! 

Alright, but let's talk bonuses

Let's share some more goodies with you.
In addition to the video lectures and printables for each module, you'll also get...

bonus one

Vetting a Venue- 30 Questions to ask your venue before (or after) you book

This list of questions will cover EVERYTHING you need to know in order to get a complete, comprehensive idea of what a venue can offer you and what things you might need to consider before you take the plunge and book them. It's also incredibly helpful AFTER you book a venue, to make sure everyone is on the same page with inclusions and exclusions!

bonus two

Bridesmaid Dresses-
Online Edition

Online boutiques make bridesmaid dress shopping a breeze.  But, where do you find good, QUALITY, reliable dresses to order from?  Look no further.  I've compiled the best of the best right here- for every price range!


Day-of Emergency Kit

Wondering what you should pack in your emergency kit for the wedding day?  This comprehensive list will tell you exactly what to pack to ensure that you can solve any unexpected problem.

Ready to ge started?

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— Linnea K.

"When I first started wedding planning, I definitely thought I could take on everything myself. But gosh, Katie was a life saver and played SUCH a huge role in making our wedding day a success.  "

— Alicia B.

"Katie's help made jumping into the whole wedding process go much smoother. Overall, I cannot recommend it enough!!"

I'm a wedding planner and coordinator, specializing in taking brides from stressed-out & overwhelmed to calm, cool, collected, and GIDDY about their wedding day.
I'm all about staying in budget and on time to ensure that you don't feel crushed or rushed under the weight of wedding planning.  I help couples make their dream wedding visions come to life! All the while, enjoying the sweet season of life they're in with their favorite people.

I created the Wedding Planning Spreadsheets & the Wedding Planning Crash Course so that I could help more couples throughout their wedding planning process, without them having to pay to hire a wedding planner.

I'm Katie —
award-winning wedding planner & coordinator.

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