These sheets give you direction
on what to do, when to do it, what to expect for expenses, how to keep all the things organized & more! If you're planning your own wedding, or helping another person plan their wedding (hi, moms!), you need these spreadsheets. They're easy to use, pretty to look at, and will truly be a lifesaver for you throughout your wedding planning process.

The Holy grail of wedding planning

The Wedding Planning Spreadsheets

You know that a wedding planner would be helpful, but also know that hiring one is just not in your budget.

You want to enjoy your engagement season and have fun planning your wedding, but you are overwhelmed and stressed out trying to figure it all out by yourself!

You have a goal budget in mind, but don't have an organized system for how to keep track of what's been spent, what's going to be spent, and what extra expenses you'll need to account for.

You know what you want your wedding day to feel like, but don't know what to do to make sure it ends up that way.

If you're planning your wedding and feeling totally stressed out or unorganized...

This is for you

I have created 5 spreadsheets that will keep you organized, in budget, on track with tasks, and that will make it where you'll no longer have to wonder what to do next while you plan your dream wedding?

*No matter how far along you are in your wedding planning process!*

Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to spend hours googling your questions and sifting through blog posts to find wedding planning tools to help you?

What if I told you...

How the Wedding Planning Spreadsheets Work

I've made this as simple as possible.  I like simple.  Why complicate things when you don't have to?
From the moment that you check out these spreadsheets and decide that you'd like to grab them to use yourself, you'll get an email giving you immediate access to them!  No waiting, no guessing, just simple, easy direction to get started.  You'll receive access to these spreadsheets for... forever!  I'll tell you how.

From the moment you press "purchase", you'll get immediate access to these tools

Step one: Immediate Access

You won't be left alone here.  I've created short, instructional videos where I walk with you and show you how to best use each spreadsheet.  I'll show you how to input your own information, how to edit things, and most importantly, how each spreadsheet functions to help keep you organized, on budget, and on track throughout your entire wedding planning process.

I would never leave you hanging!  I've created short, 5-10 minute videos to show you how to use each sheet

Step two: Instructional Videos

With the instructional videos always at your fingertips, now you start utilizing the sheets to plan your wedding!  Start with the budget tracker to lay out every possible expense and keep yourself on the right track toward responsible spending. Check out the task list for what to do next and what order to book vendors in.  Keep your guest list organized and utilize the automated spreadsheet functions to easily see your RSVP count, meal selection numbers, & more!

Now you do the dang thing!

Step three: Plan the Wedding!

Okay, let's see them
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Total Value: $1250

Exclusive Launch Price: $159

- 5 expertly crafted Wedding Planner curated Spreadsheets

- 5-10 minute video tutorial lessons for each sheet including expert wedding planning tips & tricks!

- 2 bonus spreadsheets (Questions to Answer BEFORE getting Vendor Quotes & Vendor Contact Information Sheet)

- Access to the spreadsheets & instructional course videos for the life of the course

you'll receive:

What's Included in the Wedding Planning Spreadsheets

These spreadsheets + my direction for using them will change your wedding planning life.

- A Task List telling you exactly what to do next book your vendors, to create your day-of timeline, to plan your whole wedding A to Z. Or, L to Z, if you've already started planning. This will fill in all your gaps!

- An organized Wedding-Specific Budget Spreadsheet
...that lists out all of your expenses for you, allows you to predict your total cost, input vendor quotes, and track deposits paid and outstanding.

- The most intuitive Guest List Tracker
...that automatically updates total RSVP counts, tallies meal selections, tracks the number of out of town guests (for hotel block estimates & welcome gifts), and creates an organized space to track gifts given and thank you notes sent.

- Lessons on how to best utilize each spreadsheet
...with video tutorials and easy step by step instructions for your spreadsheets

- Confidence & Direction in your Wedding Planning more stress or overwhelm! No more googling! And all without paying for a wedding planner.

You'll walk away with...

As a Result of these Sheets

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Okay, WOW!!

I'm a wedding planner and coordinator, specializing in taking brides from stressed-out & overwhelmed to calm, cool, collected, and GIDDY about their wedding day.
I'm all about staying in budget and on time to ensure that you don't feel crushed or rushed under the weight of wedding planning.  I help couples make their dream wedding visions come to life! All the while, enjoying the sweet season of life they're in with their favorite people.

I created the Wedding Planning Spreadsheets & the Wedding Planning Crash Course so that I could help more couples throughout their wedding planning process, without them having to pay to hire a wedding planner.

I'm Katie —
award-winning wedding planner & coordinator.

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