What to Look for in a Wedding Planner

July 7, 2020

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You’re engaged!! CONGRATS!  Now you get to plan your very own wedding!  Or, if you want to significantly reduce the amount of overwhelm and stress you’re bound to feel, you get to choose a wedding planner to help you create your dream day!!

Obviously, I’m a huge proponent of hiring a wedding planner to help you make your visions come to life, but, then comes the question of, “How do I choose the right wedding planner for me?”

With all of the options out there, how do you go about choosing someone to help you plan and design one of the biggest days of your life??

As someone who is actively in the field, and constantly networking with other wedding professionals, I can tell you- not all wedding planners (& coordinators) are the same.  Nor do you get equal value for your dollar amongst all of your different options. 

And as someone in her late twenties, currently attending at least 2-3 weddings a year, as a guest only, I can vouch that the difference a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator make from the guest’s perspective is truly massive.  Everyone can tell when you’re at a wedding that was planned uniquely for that individual couple and one that was instead thrown together with a bunch of generalizations.  You don’t want general or generic at your wedding!  You want elaborate and unique- you want personalization, personality, and your specific style to shine through.  Your wedding should be uniquely you (okay, and your soon to be husband too).

So, again, we’re back to the question- How do I find this unicorn wedding planner who will take my personal wants and needs into consideration?

My biggest advice for finding your perfect wedding planner- find someone who listens.

Seriously, it’s that simple.  When choosing your wedding planner, find someone who takes the time to sit and meet with you (either in person, or virtually- heyyy there, Corona) and someone who will ask you questions about what YOU envision.  It’s not about what they want.  It’s about what you want. 

Make sure that the planner you’re meeting with is able to understand and communicate back to you what he or she understands about what you want for your wedding.  There should be no personal agenda on the planner’s part.  If this professional is able to communicate back to you plans that align with your desires for your big day, then I believe you’ve got yourself a winner.

My second piece of advice- make sure that you connect on a personal level- make sure you like them as a person! 

Someone you might even be real friends with!  This person is going to be diving deep into your hopes and dreams about one of the biggest days of your life.  You’re going to want to feel comfortable talking to them.  And you’re going to want them to be able to support you, as a friend would, in times of trials or tribulations that have a way of popping up when wedding planning.  We planners are just like you after all, we just thrive off of hundreds of to-do lists and floral options!  And those of us who desire to help you create the most beautiful, most memorable day of your life thus far are here to help you!

If you’re struggling with choosing a wedding planner or day of coordinator, I’d love to give you a call and talk through it with you!  Click right here on my – call scheduler– and we’ll chat.  If we’re not the right fit, that is truly just fine!  But if we are, girl, we’re about to have SO MUCH FUN!


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  1. One of my closest friends got engaged last weekend and she wants to hire a wedding planner for their big day. I appreciate your suggestion to make sure you choose a wedding planner that has amazing communication skills and that understands what you want. I’ll share this tip with my friend so that she can find the perfect planner for her wedding.

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