The Secret to Avoiding Awkward Wedding Party Introductions

April 29, 2020

One of my very favorite things that my husband and I did before our wedding was get our wedding party together a couple of days before the ceremony.  In an attempt to make everyone feel comfortable, and avoid that awkward middle school dance-girls on this side-boys on the other-situation at the wedding,

we introduced everyone in a casual setting the day before our rehearsal dinner.

Since our wedding party came from 8 different states and 3 different countries, many of them had not met each other before.  So, we asked everyone in our wedding party, if they were able to, to come in two days before the wedding day and that night we reserved some space at a fun, waterside Tiki-bar and restaurant. This turned out to be the best thing we could have done! The atmosphere outside was casual and comfortable, complete with hanging twinkly lights and music.  We bought the first round of drinks and a couple of appetizers for everyone; and then just let them mingle amongst themselves and get to know who they’d be walking down the aisle with. 

By the end of the evening, everyone was much more comfortable and relaxed. 

Then, the next day at the Rehearsal Dinner, they could greet each other as old friends instead of strangers. If you’re able to, I can’t recommend this strategy enough!  

Plan something fun for just your bridesmaids and groomsmen (plus you and your groom) to do together sometime before the actual Rehearsal Dinner and wedding festivities begin! Book out a casual restaurant or bar area, some place where people are forced into chit chatting, and have your friends get acquainted in a more relaxed setting. Let them bring their husbands or wives, and everyone will feel happier and more inclusive. I promise you, it’s the best thing when your friends become real friends with each other! And even better for you in the long run, because you’ll get to see them more often! 


Have you ever been a part of wedding festivities like this?  What did you do??  Was it fun?! Let me know all the things!  Go comment on my Instagram, or send me a DM, and tell me what you and your crew did to get acquainted with the dudes before the wedding.

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