Wedding Need-to-Know’s – Tear Down & Clean Up

November 3, 2022

wedding tear down

We are back again with more tips & tricks for wedding planning, and this one can quite literally make or break your stress levels on your wedding day!  We’re talking about your wedding tear down plan.

Picture this, you just got married to the love of your life, you’re surrounded by all of your family and friends and just finished dancing the night away – and maybe had a glass or two too many of champagne?? 🥂- you’re walking out of the venue being showered in confetti or surrounded by sparklers and making your getaway – but you have to turn back around to clean everything up. Womp womp.

This is why one of my biggest tips is:


The absolute LAST thing you want to worry about as you’re riding that high on your wedding day is cleaning up at the end. Think about it…. IF your florist needs decor items, vases, etc. returned back to them after your wedding, even if you have a coordinator who can help with some of the tear down, you’re going to have to figure out how to get all of that stuff out of your venue, where to store it, how to transport it, and then physically return it to your florist wherever they are based. Not to mention potentially copious amounts of floral arrangements that you won’t use after your wedding… they could take care of all of that for you!! And many even donate the flowers after your wedding! 💓

Is it worth it? In my opinion, absolutely.

Does cost vary florist to florist? It can.

Should you at the very least inquire about it? FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS, YES. It never hurts to ask! When I am working with a client, I always suggest that they ask their florists and rental vendors about tear down options. It makes life so much easier. And the majority of those vendors will have reasonably priced options for this because they want their stuff back in good condition! 

You’re definitely paying for the convenience of it all, but, if you’re going to spend several thousands of dollars on your wedding, and the florist, what’s a little bit more to make your life so so so much easier after? 🤷🏼‍♀️

It’s also important to keep in mind that tear down/clean up is not something that every wedding coordinator includes in their services! I myself have certain stipulations in my contract that will not allow me to move items that were brought in by another vendor, in order to protect myself and my company. This is common amongst wedding planners/coordinators. Clean up is just not a service that you hire a wedding coordinator to do.

All in all, everyone ends up happier utilizing this option. It’s truly a stress-reliever! So instead of turning that getaway car back around to clean up, drive it straight to your honeymoon. You deserve it!

If this tip was helpful, join me on insta for even more! I even made a reel about this exact scenario, check it out here!

This tip, along with more about set up, room flips, transportation plans, logistical details, and more are found within my Wedding Planning Crash Course! (It’s like having your very own wedding planner, without having to pay for one!)

As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I love hearing from you guys! 💗

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