This is What Will Make or Break Your Wedding

December 15, 2022

While you’re planning your wedding, your mind might start spinning with all of the things that you think will ruin it… Like missing decor, running late, or forgetting something – I know it feels like there are so many things that could go wrong! But heads up- while those things seem important in the moment, they will NOT make or break your wedding. 

Based on my many years of experience planning, coordinating, and walking through wedding days with my couples, the things that will actually ruin a wedding are: under-preparing, over-criticizing, and having a bad attitude. 

It might be a painful pill to swallow, but the truth is…. Bad attitudes ruin waaaay more than any “logistical detail” ever could.

If you’re running late? Your timeline can be adjusted. (S/O to “day of” coordinators who do this seamlessly for you!!).

If there’s some piece of decor, or one particular decoration, that’s missing? Welp, you go without it and NO ONE even knows that it was supposed to be there.

If you, or someone else, forgets something (as long as it’s not the marriage license!) guess what? I bet you don’t ever miss that item. From personal experience- I promise it won’t ruin your wedding if you forget to wear your veil. (Guilty! 🙋🏼‍♀️ and never once missed it, didn’t even notice until after the day was over.)

HOWEVER, the things that can impact your day for the worse:


Not thinking through all of those tiny details, like transportation plans, how signage is getting to your venue while everyone is getting ready, who is going to bring x, y, z with them, etc etc. THIS is why having a wedding coordinator is 1000% worth it! They’ll talk through all of these things with you beforehand to ensure that everything has been thought through so that you don’t run into any deer in a headlight situations. Allowing someone to handle these little details make your day that much easier. You shouldn’t be stressing on your wedding day!


Otherwise known as never being satisfied with anything. Once you reach your wedding day, it’s here. What’s done is done and what’s not done is not done. If you receive your florals and they’re slightly different than you expected (but still crazy beautiful!?) just acknowledge that and moooove on. Appreciate the beauty in things that are slightly different than you expected or planned. Try to remember that your wedding isn’t about the food, drinks, florals, or decor. It’s about the love you and your fiance have for one another and celebrating that with your friends and family! 

Bad Attitudes

The ultimate killer! Thankfully, this is something that you have 100% control over. You get to show up for this day as your best self, or, you show up crabby. The choice is yours. But, even if you know you’ll have to deal with difficult people that day, I encourage you to decide before your feet hit the ground that “Today is going to be the best day!” And watch it unfold 😉 I know, this is easier said than done. If you are feeling those negative feelings the morning of your wedding I want you to take some time alone to do something for yourself. Maybe it’s journaling, meditating, praying, having coffee, or doing some self care but whatever it is, I want you to breathe and reflect on what this day is really all about – you and your future husband!

Making sure that you are organized and prepared also contributes to your stress levels and your attitude! You don’t want to be crunching the numbers for tips and making final venue payments on your wedding day.

See below for resources that will help keep you on top of it all 🤩

I encourage you to take a step back and remember that allll of those little details that are stressing you out now are NOT going to make or break your wedding day. Those are small hiccups that can be easily fixed, especially with the right wedding coordinator. 

If you are worried about the little details, hiring a wedding coordinator would really help! Click here to learn all about what I can do for you! 

If you’re not ready to hire a coordinator, then my Wedding Planning Crash Course is perfect for you. I spill all my tips, tricks, and insider secrets so that you can plan the wedding of your dreams – stress free! Pair that with my Wedding Planning Spreadsheets which are intentionally designed to ensure that you don’t miss a thing in your planning process and you are good to go! 🤩

I know how hard planning a wedding can feel, but I want to change that for you! I am only an email or insta DM away if you have any questions.

XOXO, Katie

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