What Order Should I Book my Wedding Vendors In?

March 7, 2021

Wedding Vendors

So, you’re engaged (YAY!!) and you’re ready to tackle your wedding planning (WOOHOO!!).  But where to start?!  This brings on the question- What Order Should I Book my Wedding Vendors In?

Welp, from an experienced wedding planner and coordinator, here’s what I would do.

  1. Before booking anyone- decide on a budget.  Who is paying/contributing, and how much.  After that, let’s formulate a guest list.  Don’t worry, just a rough draft will do!  You need a general estimate of how many people you expect to show up.  This way, your vendors will be able to give you accurate quotes on their services, because they vary depending on how many people, or how large of an area they have to work with.  Next, decide on a place– town/city/general region.  This will lead to…
  2. Get yourself a Wedding Planner!  Yes, go ahead, reach out to a few and see who you connect best with.  A wedding planner will make your wedding/life/engagement season so much simpler and less stressful!  I promise, you’ll thank yourself later- as well everyone else working with you on your wedding!  Vendors appreciate having an expert to work with and go-to for communication with bride and groom.
  3. VENUESurf the web.  Pick out your top 5 venues in your predetermined place that you’d like to get married in.  If you have a particular season that you would like, check with them on their availability for that general time.
    • Example- “My fiance and I would love to get married in the fall of 2022.  Do you still have dates available for that time frame?”  Or, “We are looking to get married on a Saturday in May of 2022.  Do you have any availability for that?”
    • However, if you care more about securing a specific venue than you do about a date/time- just go tour them and then work out the date details based on what they have available!
  4. Photographer– These. Vendors. Book. Up. SO. Fast.  Don’t hesitate too long on securing your photographer!
  5. Caterer– If they did not come tied to your venue!  Do the tastings.  Please, for the love of goodness, go and enjoy the complimentary tastings!
  6. Florist.  These ladies and gentlemen will bring your wedding from “pretty” to “pretty freakin’ amazing!!!”

Go ahead and take yourself a little break here.  “You’re doing great, sweetie!!”

7. Day-of Coordinator– If you chose to forego hiring a wedding planner, do not also overlook hiring a wedding day of coordinator!!  Truly, a coordinator is a necessity if you want to fully enjoy your day, allow your family to fully enjoy your wedding day, and ensure that all of the other vendors that you hired and timelines you worked so hard on are tied together perfectly!
Additionally, I place this vendor here because they will often have suggestions for who to hire for the vendors you have yet to book.

8. Videographer– To be or not to be, that is the question.  Er, I guess, to book or not to book.  Personally, I love my talented videographer friends and their work is truly amazing!  Try your best to channel your future self- will you want to look back and watch this day unfold again and again?

9. DJ/Musicians– Let the beat drop!!

10. Cake/Dessert vendor– As I stated with your catering options… DO ALL THE TASTINGS.  Personal favorite here.

11. Rentals Vendor– Tables, chairs, linens, centerpiece decorations, altars, backdrops, greenery walls, marquee letters, additional furniture/seating, you name it, you can rent it.

12. Hair & Makeup– Do not overlook this one!!  End game here- to help you not only look, but FEEL like your best self on your wedding day.

A few other vendors to consider

Personalized Stationary

Unique Signage


So, there you have it!  To answer the question, “What order should I book my wedding vendors in?” refer back to this list as often as needed.  If you think you could use a little extra help, let me know!  I’d love to offer suggestions, additional resource, even local vendor recommendations.  Coming up next time, what to consider when booking your vendors… See ya then!

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