Upon wrapping up the last wedding of 2020, I won’t pretend that things have been all sunshine and rainbows.  Things this past year, especially in the wedding world, have been HARD.  You know what I’m talking about! But, in the midst of those trials, I can’t ignore the beauty and unexpected blessings that have occurred.  My final wedding of 2020, a grand and magnificent, midwest winter wedding, showcased just that.

The Couple

Charlie and I have been working together since early summer of 2020- before pandemonium really struck the midwest regions!  She and her fiance, Zayn, had been together for **pause for dramatic effect** TEN YEARS, people!!  They started dating in their freshman year of high school.  True High School Sweethearts! (Swooning)  Charlie was planning a midwest winter wedding to remember, the week before Christmas, in their hometown, surrounded by family and friends.  However, as COVID weddings have gone this year, their plans were forced to be altered every few weeks as we drew closer to their wedding day.

The Pivot

Can I just tell you guys, these people are truly rockstars.  Every time a new regulation came out, each time they had to pivot, they did so with an absolute go-getter attitude.  Recognizing that we are not in control of everything is SUCH a huge game changer when you are planning your wedding.  No matter how much time we spend planning, no matter how efficient we are with your timeline, things inevitably have a way of changing whether we like it or not.  The secret to truly enjoying your wedding day, is to go with the flow, whatever may happen!  The guests won’t know that you’ve deviated from your original plan.  Your family and friends won’t care if you start the cake cutting 7 minutes later than scheduled.  You won’t even remember forgetting to wear your veil down the aisle! (I actually did this, and had no idea until the next day. Regret nothing.)  It’s all about how you adjust and simply remain present.

The Midwest Winter Wedding to Remember

With the various COVID mandates, Charlie & Zayn ended up postponing their reception, but did move forward with their ceremony.  And y’all, it. was. BEAUTIFUL.  It took place in a grand Cathedral, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, with snow on the ground to boot!  Since they were not hosting their reception, funds were able to be more heavily distributed to their vendors still supporting the ceremony aspect. Grand, violet florals adorned the aisles and christened the alter where Charlie & Zayn said their “I do’s”.  They were really, truly, happy throughout the entire day, because at the end of the day- they were man and wife. And THAT is what it’s truly all about.


Click over to my Gallery Page here to see more photos of this beautiful day!

A Midwest Winter Wedding to Remember

January 15, 2021

Midwest Winter Wedding Photo

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