I’m going to tell you every item that you need to have in your Wedding Day Emergency Kit, and then some!

Trust me, you’re about to feel like Mary Poppins and her bag of wonders.   Whether your a bride, a mother of the bride, a maid of honor, a bridesmaid, or a personal attendant- you’re going to want to check out the items listed here below and on my Resources page.

For every time listed below- you can find the direct link to it ~on Amazon!!!~ right HERE.

Now, without further or do, here is everything that you need in your…

Wedding Day Emergency Kit:

  1. A tote bag to keep all your goodies in!! Preferably one with multiple pockets and sections.
  2. Crochet Needles- The secret to buttoning those beautiful little picturesque buttons all the way down the back of your dress.
  3. A First Aid kit- with alllll the things you could possibly need to quite literally “slap a bandaid on it”
  4. Bobby Pins- a multicolored set would be ideal so that all of your bridesmaids can use the extras in your kit
  5. Micro Precise Gorilla Super Glue- my FAVORITE item on the list!! And my most used item. I cannot recommend the one that I have linked here enough. The precision applicator is *chef’s kiss*
  6. Fashion tape is a essentially double sided tape that actually sticks to your clothing fabrics! Quickly fix awkward gaping without risking ripping the fabric with a safety pin.
  7. The handiest travel steamer!!  For the bride’s dress, for the bridesmaids’ dresses, for everything.
  8. Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier- You may not have drinking water top of mind today- these convenient hydration multipliers will help!
  9. TUMS extra strength chews- You likely won’t be eating a ton throughout the day either.  Then, once you do eat, your stomach might respond a little dramatically.  Thus, TUMS.
  10. Back up iphone chargers- Someone will forget one. Pretty self explanatory.
  11. Spray on deodorant! Easiest to spritz on for a little freshness once you’ve already gotten dressed.
  12. A nail kit- just in case! No one hates a hangnail more than someone who has no hope of finding some clippers.
  13. Flossers.  You do NOT want any seeds or food residue stick in between your teeth. Your hair is not strong enough to floss that out, girl. Get the flossers.
  14. A sewing kit- ensure that scissors are included!!!  My second most used item.


Honorable Mentions:

Additional ibuprofen, safety pins (only if used carefully- do not tear the fabric), extra feminine products, pens (50/50 shot that these will be used to sign the marriage license later), and hair ties for later.

The thing is, you can still have all of these products handy and still end up needing something on your wedding day.  This is where a personal attendant or Day-of Coordinator come in and save the day!  If you’re on the hunt for your own wedding day-of coordinator, check out My Services and let me know if you think we’d be a good fit!

What other items do you think should be included??  Tell me in the comments below!!


The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit

October 1, 2021

Minnesota Wedding Planner and Coordinator Katie Gibbons Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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