Why should you hired a wedding Day-of coordinator?

I was going to be clever with this post.  But you know what?  This is really really simple.

You should hire a day-of coordinator for your wedding so that you (and your groom, and your mom, and your besties) actually get to enjoy your wedding day.

I can’t tell you how many times I have talked to brides, real life friends, who look back on their wedding, and of course loved it, but also remember an incredible amount of stress and anxiety that surrounded them on their wedding day.  The truth is- your mom/your friend/your second cousin’s aunt should not be coordinating, directing, and delegating tasks on your wedding day.  It’s a day for them to enjoy too!  You all have worked so hard for this day.  And the last thing you want is for you drive off on your wedding night, lay your head down on your pillow to (finally) fall asleep and to not feel like all the work, planning and prepping was worth it.

Day-of coordinators don’t just show up and shuffle along the crowds on your big day.

Speaking from my own processes and systems– I start coordinating and structuring your timelines well before your wedding day.  I’m talking 6-8 weeks before.  This way, we have plenty of time to chit chat and figure out what things are most important to you for your wedding day.

So you want to make sure you and your girls get good and bougie that morning with makeup and mimosas?  I got you.  We’ll do it up big, with the EXTRA poofy slippers.  (You know the ones.)  You want to ensure that you and your groom get some alone time before the ceremony?  YES, we will carve out that time and make it happen.  Even if you don’t want a “first look”- lemme grab my handy dandy bandana eye mask.  You want to catch a dance with your tiny ring bearing nephew before he falls asleep?  We’ll adjust your special dances so that there’s time to do just that!  With an expert on your side, who knows the right questions to ask,  your timeline(s) will be carefully constructed to fit YOU and YOUR special wedding day.

Working with a day-of coordinator also gives you someone in your corner to speak on your behalf.

Without you having to go all bridezilla on anyone.  Let me be assertive, tell people where they are needed, and who needs to give you a little space.  Sick the questions on me, and let yourself just sit back and relax.  I’ll even bring you the bubbly!  Seriously, friend, this is your big day, and I take that so seriously.

In addition to all the benefits listed above, day-of coordinators exist to bring together of your hard work, and all of your vendors’ hard work.  And they do it in a way that is seamless.  This allows for everyone to be at ease throughout the entire day.


If you’re wondering what else we can do, shoot me a message, DM me, or hop over to my contact page and ask!  I’m here for all of your wedding planning & day-of coordinating needs, ladies.

Why Hire a Day-Of Coordinator?

September 15, 2020

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