When you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to get lost in the mindset of wanting to make everyone else happy. You want to have great food, great music, great liquor options, etc., but I am here to tell you that your wedding shouldn’t revolve around pleasing other people! If having an open bar doesn’t work for you financially,  don’t do it.

The “rule” of Wedding drinks: You do not need to supply all the alcohol under the sun for your guests to have a good time.

I repeat,

It is NOT your responsibility to wreck your budget, your stress level, or adjust your wedding day desires in an attempt to make people have a better/drunker time at your wedding reception!!

Truthfully, your people should be happy with whatever food & drink you decide to host and provide to them.

The day is not about boozin’!!

It’s about you getting married!

There are soooooo many ways to host drinks without compromising or stretching your budget.

Talk to your caterer or bartender about the options you have! 

  • hosting an open bar throughout the day
  • hosting open bar throughout cocktail hour and switching to beer and wine for reception/dinner & dancing
  • hosting beer and wine only throughout
  • hosting beer and wine + just 2 specialty cocktails
  • allotting a certain number of drinks per person
  • hosting until a certain dollar amount it met and then switching to cash bar
  • hosting until a certain time during the evening and then switching to cash bar
  • or just doing a cash bar only

You. Have. Options.

Don’t feel pressured into hosting a fully open bar because you think you HAVE to in order for people to have fun. Your wedding is about you and your fiance. Don’t worry about anyone else! 

If you don’t want to have to worry about any of this on your wedding day, I am here for you. And if you love wedding planning and want to have a part in all of it, I have a Wedding Planning Crash Course that you can check out here that is full to the brim with tips and tricks (just like this one) for planning an amazing and stress-free wedding. 

Happy Wedding Planning! 💗

Wedding drinks: Do you have to have an open bar?

December 2, 2022

Wedding Open Bar

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