Pinterest Weddings Are Not Always What They Seem

November 17, 2022

Do you ever have those moments where you’re scrolling through Pinterest looking at all the beautiful weddings and you start comparing and second guessing everything? 

It is so normal to have those feelings of doubt but let me tell you…

Comparison TRULY is the thief of joy.

And guess what?

Those crazy beautiful, elaborate wedding photos you saw on Pinterest? It’s likely that they’re not even real life anyway!!

Wedding vendors do these things called Styled Shoots,

which are basically a whole bunch of vendors getting together to showcase what they can do. It’s the best of the best of what they have to offer, all at the same time!

There is no prioritizing one vendor’s work or services over another’s. Everything is THE very BEST of what each and every one of those vendors can do. Ergo, if you were to have a real wedding that looked just like the styled shoot, it could be crazy expensive!! Because that’s the best and most elaborate work from each one of those vendors!

So the next time you see a Pinterest wedding pin that is just soOoOo gorgeous, stop yourself from trying to “make your wedding live up to that”. Because, it’s probably not even real.

Use those pins instead for ideas! “inspo pictures”! Show your wedding vendor what you like about X photo and let them use that to get their own creative juice flowing! If you don’t know where to start on Pinterest, click here to visit my Pinterest board! 

I also want you to keep in mind that your wedding should be very personal to YOU. You don’t want to have a carbon copy of an extravagant wedding that you’ve had pinned forever. You want your wedding to be YOUR exact style and taste. And a good wedding planner can make that happen! He/she will take your inspiration photos and add personal touches to showcase you and your fiance’s unique love for one another. 

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