Talking to wedding vendors can get a little overwhelming. Usually you’re asking for multiple quotes from all different kinds of wedding vendors and it can be easy to skip over a lot of details and just get straight to the point to keep things as easy and quick as possible. 

Speaking on behalf of all wedding vendors, everywhere…

Please, for the love of all things, please don’t just inquire and ask about our availability for your date without any other information. We work in the wedding industry – 90% of us are TOTAL SAPS and real life people who LOVE getting to know you!

We would love to know: 

  • Both of your names
  • Your venue
  • The ~vibe~ for your wedding
  • What you’re looking for from that specific type of vendor
  • What made you reach out to that vendor specifically
  • Any fun facts about the two of you that you want to share!! Where ya live, what you do for fun, what your engagement was like, etc.

Give us some details. Any details. We truly love that. & it helps us determine if we might be a good fit for you much quicker! Which saves YOU time in the long run! 

As a wedding vendor, it’s hard to get excited about messages that only say, “price?” 

There is a reason you reached out! Whether you are loving their vibe on instagram, you have seen reviews and are just blown away by their work, or you’ve somehow ended up on an email list and you can just tell that you would be bff’s, there is a reason you reached out to them. So don’t hold back! Tell them how much you love their work or how cute and informative their website is, or whatever it is that drew your attention! 

When I get messages like that, I am instantly excited to learn more about you. 

I get that you’re reaching out to multiple vendors for each vendor category (I do this every day), but I’ll let you in on a little secret –  you can copy & paste and just edit the details that pertain to the specific vendor you’re reaching out to at that moment. 

It’s really that simple and in the long run will make your life that much easier. 

I hope this helps! If you enjoyed this, click here to check out the resources I have available on my website that will help with all things wedding planning! 

With lots of love, Katie 🤍

What to Say to Wedding Vendors

January 9, 2023

Not sure what to say to wedding vendors? It can be stressful reaching out to multiple vendors for multiple categories, so here are some tips!

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